PUBG Mobile ‘Fury of the Wasteland’ Royale Pass Season 10 Coming On November 8

PUBG Mobile is all set for a brand new season – PUBG Mobile Season 10. The official handle has confirmed the date of roll out too. The new Season 10 is coming on November 8, a day earlier than the promised November 9. The devs confirmed in their latest tweet that the ‘Fury of the Wasteland’ Royale Pass Season 10 is getting rolled out a day earlier than planned.

Gather weapons and medicine, you’ll need to be ready for the Fury of the Wasteland coming November 8th! Do you have what it takes to survive and conquer?


The highlight of PUBG Mobile Season 10 is the ‘The Fury of the Wasteland’ theme. The season will bring along new weapons, vehicles, skins and a variety of new in-game rewards. The devs have communicated that “the server will not be taken offline for this update. This update requires approximately 0.21 GB of storage space on Android and 0.24 GB of storage space on iOS. Please update as soon as possible.”

PUBG Mobile ‘Fury of the Wasteland’ Royale Pass: What’s New?

Beta previews by various YouTubers have built the right tempo to the countdown of a new season. I have compiled their reviews on some of the best features of upcoming PUBG Mobile Season 10 in my previous posts. Here I will list out what has not been covered earlier.

Team Deathmatch: The Ruins

Team Deathmatch was introduced with update 0.13.0 to Evo Grounds section at the beginning of this year. In Season 10, the devs are bringing a new map to the mode called ‘The Ruins’. It is based on the ruins of Sanhok and brings a rainforest with impenetrable vegetation. You can visualize action taking place in ruins of a deserted temple located on tropical island setting with a labyrinth of paths zigging around.

“In this mode, users can respawn at random coordinates, allowing for even more intense battles. Moreover, as this mode enables shorter gameplay time, users will get more immersed in their gameplay experiences.”

However, gauging from the reactions of fans it appears that Ruins doesn’t meet their expectations. They were anticipating a better and more strong anti-hack systems/mechanisms.

Fury of the Wasteland

With a new season comes a brand new theme. The Season 10 is bringing with it an experience somewhat similar to post-apocalyptic settings. The visuals of ‘Fury of the Wasteland’ look to be inspired from Mad Maxish world. The new theme will be the driving force behind gun, clothes and vehicle skins.


A brand new hatchback, Zima, is being added to the collection in PUBG Season 10. Zima appears to be Vikendi exclusive vehicle considering the finish with patches of snow all around the car. Zima is a 4-wheel drive having off-roading tyres which make it easier to drive in the snow. No other vehicle can provide the traction in the snow of Vikendi as Zima can. The company claims that it will not be destroyed easily. 

Falcon Companion

The Season 10 will be giving PUBG Mobile players their first-ever companion, “The Falcon”. It has been re-introduced in Season 10. It can spread its wings and escort players all through the battlefield. 

Apart from the above, the update will also add a new female cast, Sara. As revealed by the brand, Sara is a talented mechanic who can manage her “Vehicle Enhancement”. While driving in a specific mode, she has the extra ability in EvoGround to diminish the destruction taken by vehicles.

It is now time to collect weapons, skins, vehicles, and medicine and get ready for the Fury of the Wasteland coming on November 8th! It is now time to survive and conquer!

Written by Rashmi


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