Win free rare skins in the ‘Time To Shine’ Event of PUBG Mobile 2019

PUBG Mobile has put up rare skins as rewards for fans who vote for their favourite team in the Time to Shine event! Fans, this is once in a lifetime opportunity to earn a rare skin from PUBG Mobile. Free challenges are open now to unlock items but for a short period of time.

The Time to Shine event is the brainchild of devs to celebrate PUBG Mobile Club Open Fall Split 2019. Tencent Games is holding the finals of the tournament on November 29 in Kuala Lumpur. To commemorate the tournament, ‘Time to Shine’ event has been designed to complete special missions, vote for the favourite team and stand a chance to unlock rewards as free rare skins.

To add rewards to your collection, a player has to complete special Event Missions which are updated on a daily basis. Successful completion will add Photons to the tally. The next step is “Vote For Team.” For every vote, a player has to spend 1 Photon. The last step is “Collect Rewards” which can be unlocked after voting for at least three teams.

The event has also put additional rewards up for grabs on the condition that the player has voted for a specified number of times. The rewards can be availed during the duration of the tournament. December 1 is the last date to unlock free rare skins. The rewards will last only during the lifetime of the event and will be removed from the user accounts thereafter.

16 teams for the prelims round to be held from November 23-25 have been announced. Out of the 16 shortlisted teams, 3 Indian teams IND, INS, and Synerge will be battling for a berth in the Global Finals.

Apart from rewarding free rare skins, PUBG Mobile is putting up rewards on a new Lucky Spin. They include Bodybuilder Chicken Outfit, Mechano-Rooster Vector, and much more rewards can be unlocked!

Share with us the rewards you earned in the ‘Time To Shine’ event!

Written by Rashmi


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