PUBG Mobile Slaps “Fair Play and Ban Notice” To 4926 Players

PUBG Mobile Fair Play and Ban Notice

Fair Play and Ban Notice” for November has been announced on the official website of PUBG Corp. Along with the reasons, the brand has slapped a ban of 10 years to 4926 players. To prevent cheating and to promote fair gameplay, PUBG has been exposing the hackers at frequent intervals.

PUBG team of Mobile devs and Game Security have been toiling hard to provide a ‘fair for everyone’ gaming experience. The game discourages cheaters and hackers and encourages players to join the battle against in-game hacking. Tencent Games wants its players to abide by the rules of games and report of any inconsistency.

Some of the common cheats reported include unauthorized use of virtual tools, correcting in-game data, hacking the auto-aim function, altering the jump distance and height, use of any third-party program that alters the nature of the game.

“The use of unauthorised third-party apps or hacks that provide unfair advantage to a player will be condemned with the ban. Players also have the option to report other gamers who are suspected of cheating, using the in-game reporting system that notifies the responsible team, who will ensure that stringent action is taken. This includes publishing the IDs of confirmed cheaters.” The Notice further says that, “we will continue to enforce stringent discipline against cheaters, and we want to thank you for helping us make PUBG MOBILE a better game.”

The Fair Play and Ban Notice by PUBG team

This time Tencent Games’ devs have gone a step further. In the near future, they plan to pick an unspecified hackers IDs and openly “disclose information regarding their ranks, servers, and reasons for the ban.”

Till last year these Fair Play and Ban Notices were of temporary nature. But now the PUBG team has taken a draconian step, setting the slap period to be 10 years, almost a lifetime of a player. This will discourage gamers from resorting to unfair tricks to win matches. Considering the gravity of rampant cheating, it has sent ban notices to more than 10,00 players so far.

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