Latest PUBG Mobile Fair Play & 10 Years Ban Notice

Ban Notice

Tencent Games has shared another PUBG Mobile ban notice list of hackers and cheaters. The devs have posted a stern warning to the hackers, giving a clear message that “We would like to remind all players about the importance of fair play.” In a strongly-worded post, they have raised concerns and what they think of hackers. In an effort to make PUBG a fair play game, the devs will continue to impose stringent disciplinary actions. In future do expect the devs to publish the IDs of confirmed cheaters slapping a 10-year ban.

Like any other shooting games, hackers have invented ways to cheat using software. Cheaters have found ways to use “unauthorized 3rd party app to dishonestly assist their gameplay in a match.” Many unfair practices have been devised which help players to win or stay ahead. Lot many hacks are found and reported. Few common 3rd party apps include giving an edge while aiming for heads or letting the shooter see through the walls at the positions of different enemies.

“Here’s our latest roundup of hackers and cheaters we’ve banned in the last 24 hours! We’re fully committed to providing a fair battlefield for all PUBGM players. Check back tomorrow for more!” in a tweet by the devs

Tencent Games is enforcing severe measures so that it is famous for providing “a gaming environment that is fair and enjoyable for each and every player.” In a bid to restraint hackers in future, it is likely to bring in new anti-cheating measures. But as of now, it will continue to inflict a 10-year ban policy for cheaters.

If you don’t hack in PUBGMOBILE, we will not look for you and we will not pursue you. But if you do hack, we will look for you, we will find you and we will ban you.

PUBG Mobile devs, be on mobile, PC or the consoles have reprimanded hackers in the ban notice. The devs have clearly asked players to report via an in-game reporting system of any such fraudulent practice. Any suspect brought to notice for cheating or using an unauthorized 3rd party app will be thoroughly investigated. This includes the games that the person has played and how they attained all the kills. The devs will run the game through all the anti-cheating software to validate the claims.

For those who are serious about gaming, they can check out different ways to avoid PUBG Mobile account ban and fair play practices. In the meanwhile, get ready for a scheduled maintenance downtime on October 15. The information was posted via a tweet:

There is a “big” update planned as a countdown to Halloween from PUBG. During downtime, the PUBG update 0.15.0 will be seeded. The hype around it has generated immense pre-release interest. The latest tweet brings up the seeding elements of a new Halloween-theme starting from October 16. “We aren’t dressing things up, Update 0.15.0 is going to be huge! Happy Halloweeks is coming October 16!” It is now a matter of a few hours only before the PUBG Mobile players across the world will get hands on to custom Halloween-styled elements.

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