PUBG Mobile: Erangel 2.0 Round The Corner|Tipped To Launch In December

Erangel 2.0 Coming Soon

During PUBG Mobile Club Open Spring finals, fans had got an impression of the revamped version of the existing map, Erangel 2.0. It was in August that the executive producer at PUBG Corp., TS Jang while giving an update about the PC version of the game had teased about the new map. He had given a walkthrough briefly touching on the possibility of a revised version of the Erangel map hitting in the near future. 

Erangel is considered to be the oldest map in the game, the one with which  PUBG originated. Erangel 1.0, titled Erangel visual update, reached the fans after one year of its launch. The devs had brought enhancements in its visual appeal. Textures, grass and map were completely reworked. Now it is the right time to “Erangel is becoming more beautiful than ever before!” We have exciting news on its arrival timeline.

Erangel 2.0 might just land anytime in December 2019.

In a YouTube video posted by Mr Ghost Gaming, promo from PUBG Mobile showcasing Erangel 2.0 can be seen. The video reveals the revamped version of the map. The details captured gives a feeling that it will make its way to the game sooner than expected.

In the video, as anticipated, the visual layout looks more realistic and lively. The reflections from the surfaces, mountain peaks and pine trees and tall, dense grass add to the ingenuity. The texture of the grass is more green around this time. Players are shown running around on a lookout for opponents.

The players can be seen engaged in a high voltage fight with one player using a modified version of the buggy to shoot. The YouTuber also revealed the new items in next update patch 0.15.5. They will include a new Team Deathmatch map, MPK5 submachine gun along with Season 10. The video also touched upon the possibility of release of 0.16.0 update in December. Do keep in mind that the promo video is not the actual gameplay, so there might be some exceptions.

PUBG Mobile developers are reworking on the features that are already present in the game. Video hints at glass windows which were part of the PC version of PUBG.

As of today, fans are waiting for PUBG Payload mode. It was supposed to go live in 0.15.0 update but players were left disappointed. PUBG assured them to bring the Mode to the famous Battle Royale game on October 23, ie tomorrow.

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