PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 Beta Out With Death Race Mode, Snowy Erangel Map & More!

To retrieve the losing player base and popularity, PUBG team is constantly pushing updates. PUBG Mobile recently rolled out ‘Fury of the Wasteland’ Royale Pass topped by the Payload mode and a brand new map for the TDM mode. But the updates have not stopped here. The next one in the pipeline is PUBG Mobile 0.16.0 which is likely to reach you before the holiday season.

The beta version of the Android version can be downloaded from here.

0.16.0 Beta promises many more in-game features and brand new content. Tipped by Mr.GhostGaming, his YouTube video shows the beta version boasting of 3 significant additions. Major highlights include a snow hill on Erangel map, latest Death Race Mode, the inclusion of TPP to FPP Switch, Heal While Moving and many more. Erangel map 2.0 is not part of the beta release though it was tipped for December release.

Snow Hill in Erangel

Beta version brings with it snowy patches on Northern Erangel which matches with holiday spirit. In the video, one can see in-map regions randomly covered in snow and ice. There is a provision of in-game features like Ice Castle Lobby, Ski lift/ trolley towers at the location of snow. There are some special loot crates lying at locations to be provisioned.

Death Race Mode

A brand new game mode- Death Race mode is on its way in 0.16.0 Beta. Along with it comes a new map layout. PUBG mobile is planning a near movie-like experience in which you can fight the battle on a moving vehicle. It is designed for a small racecourse but fully loaded with heavy weaponry. In other words, a player can practise shooting and driving skills in a moving vehicle. Player and his friends are supposed to finish the race while hunting down rivals on the way. On the way, a player has to collect various in map crates. Death Race mode can be accessed under the EvoGround mode.

TPP- FPP swap button

The gaming community in PUBG Mobile play majorly in TPP or Third-Person Perspective. TPP and FPP, first-person perspectives, are available separately and PUBG also treats them differently. An easy switch to the First-person viewer mode is being facilitated. All that is needed is to check the FPP Swap alternative in settings. Now the player doesn’t need to make a switch from the lobby menu. The TPP- FPP switch function can be optimally utilized during battles when the player is driving vehicle. It will give an edge during in-game matches.

Other noteworthy highlights that can be expected include Healing/Boost Movement. It gives the option to the player to heal while he is on the move which was not possible earlier. PUBG Mobile devs have also provided the option of copy Classic HUD to Team Death Match. Prior to this change, HUD had to be configured differently for Team Death Match and Classic mode. It will save time.

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