PUBG leak shows C4 explosives in the game

Today data mining is an important tool when it comes to finding a hidden trend. Mostly used by industry to see what the public likes and dislikes, and on the basis of the results, they come up with new marketing strategies.

Often times, it is the customers who use data mining to find hidden secrets in the companies products. In such a case, data mining in PUBG revealed some exciting details regarding explosives in the game.

pubg c4 explosive

One user used data mining in the latest version of the PUBG PC version to reveal details regarding not only the presence of a new snow map called Dior Othok (remake of Vikendi) but that of C4 explosives as well.

The news of this new explosive spread and people got more excited as the reveal also confirmed destructible elements in the game. Recently, in a Facebook post, PUBG accidentally confirmed the presence of C4 in the game. However, this post was unintentional and was swiftly taken down. Still, people managed to get screenshots of this post.

PUBG Leaker, PlayerIGN, was one of the first persons who found this post and took its screenshot. In his video on youtube, he not only reveals the details about the C4 explosives but also provides details regarding the destructible environment and the “Black Zone” which will be responsible for the destruction.

The leak has not been confirmed, but at this stage, there is a huge possibility that the news might be true. PUBG update is coming out next month, and there is not much time to change a lot. However, certain features might still get axed if they are not up to the mark.

Written by Parth Singh

I have completed my B.Tech in Computer Science. I have a keen interest in the field of technology and writing is one of my hobbies. Here I am combining my hobby with my interest by writing on topics related to technology.


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