PUBG Corp addresses increasing DDoS attacks, performance, and Miramar crash issues

PUBG received a new update on PC on 19th February. The console players were eagerly waiting for the console version of the patch but received bad news instead. On 21st February, the Twitter account of PUBG posted that the update for consoles would be delayed until 3rd March due to some technical issues. The problems for console users became worse when they started to face frequent game crashes over the past few days.

Today PUBG talked about recent issues and what they were doing for them.

1. Cheaters are massive focus. More info about this soon
2. We get a road map for 2020
3. Performance issue is difficult to fix but a huge focus
4. DDoS is the reason some servers die + indirect reason for packet loss

On 24th February, the developers confirmed that there is some issue with the console version of the game and asked the players who are facing this issue to contact the support team. However, these crashes turned game-breaking.

To solve this issue, the developers have decided to remove the Miramar map from the console version of the game. Miramar was the map that was seeing the maximum number of crashes.

As if these issues were not big enough, PUBG is also suffering from DDoS attacks ( distributed denial of service attacks). A DDoS attack utilizes multiple systems to send requests to a server. This attack ensures that the server is busy and thus prevent legit users from being able to contact the server. Hence, denying them the service.

PUBG Corp. has said that the number of DDoS attacks has become more frequent since November 2019. They are trying their best to find the perpetrators of these attacks. The new reports suggest that PUBG Corp. has beefed up its security measures and reduced the frequency of these attacks by up to 85%.

PUBG Corp. has also promised that they would be more “transparent” regarding their work soon. These issues were present for a long time, and PUBG Corp. has decided just now to address them. This ignorance from PUBG Corp. has caused a lot of fuss among the gamers. Players have asked PUBG Corp. continuously to region-lock Chinese players as they are the once who cheat or hack the most.

Since its release, the PUBG player base has been continuously suffering due to bugs, cheaters, and other issues. However, in two years, the developers have made little effort to solve them and provide a better experience.

PUBG devs have confessed for all issues and have assured players that fixes are underway. Now, that PUBG Corp. has finally decided to open up and admit their faults, we hope that they get down to work and make PUBG a better product.

Written by Parth Singh

I have completed my B.Tech in Computer Science. I have a keen interest in the field of technology and writing is one of my hobbies. Here I am combining my hobby with my interest by writing on topics related to technology.


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