PUBG Battle Royale game might get a Clan System on PC

Clan System

PUBG fans recently celebrated the arrival of “refresh to Miramar, Survivor Pass: Badlands, melee weapon and item throwing mechanics, QoL improvements, bug fixes and much more!” with PUBG PC 5.1 patch update. But it doesn’t signal that no further development is happening. Dataminers are making noise suggesting that there is another one on its ways that might add a Clan System to the game. 

Behind the scenes, PlayerIGN has got clues which hint at Battle Royale’s mobile clan system making its way to PC and console. PlayerIGN has spotted a number of files and few leaked images which confirm the idea.

The dataminer tweeted the leaked images which show a “no clan” tag, member limits, Battle Point cost, and more. From the information gathered, the Clan System will have a catchy title & a slogan, and up to 20 members. But this is not coming for free. A player will need 5,000 BP to set one up.

Going by the specs revealed, Clan Titles will have a limitation of 2-15 characters, while the shortened tag can take up only 2-4 characters. The maximum team size in Clan is 20 and probably that is the reason for introducing a customized section for recruits and resumes. As of now, the specifics on the new feature of resumes from recruits are speculative. As part of the process of joining the clan, in-game stats or other bona fides can be custom-designed by players or can take an intuitive form.

The Discord Group of PlayerIGN had located a ‘no clan’ label in the leaderboard. There is no timestamp of the files but the group is sure it happened between now and three months ago.

As of now, the dataminer cannot give any update whether the Clan System will make its way or not. But you can definitely plan a team and decide on witty clan names and slogans.

A Clan System had been added to the mobile version in 2018 by PUBG. Don’t be surprised if it lands up soon on your PC and console.

Written by Rashmi


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