Complete Ban on PUBG & few other games- Demands Congress MP in Parliament today

On the 12th day of the winter session of Lok Sabha, demands regarding ban on PUBG and other online games echoed during the parliamentary session. H Vasanthkumar, who is INC MP from Kanyakumari urged the central government to impose a complete ban on the games like PUBG, Rummy and Blue Whale. He quoted that such games are not only causing behavioural and health issues, but they are also taking a toll on the studies of the students.

pubg ban india

Sri H Vasanthmar’s official statement in the Lok Sabha read, “I urge the Government to ban online games such as Blue Whale, PUBG and Rummy. PUBG was launched in 2017, and it has generated a huge global following across PCs, console cells and mobile platforms.” He also added that “By last December, the game had 200 million mobile downloads from all over the world. A few Indian cities have already banned the game citing concerns that it was making the players violent and distracting students from studies and school work.”

The MP said that such online games should not be given priority before the health and studies of the students. He mentioned various health issues like obesity, cardiac problems and psychological issues that children are getting prone to as a result of excessive online gaming. Notably, many state governments had imposed the ban on PUBG in July, citing similar reasons. It would be interesting to note how the gamers react if any such ban comes into the force.

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