PUBG 5.2 update released with Spike traps and Vikendi improvements

pubg PC update 5.2

PUBG has again pushed an update on servers for PUBG PC. These patches are always meant to evolve game by introducing brand new features and bug fixes. Many a time these new features are ideas of experienced players shared on social platforms. The latest PUBG PC Update 5.2 comes with two big attractions namely Spike traps and PUBG Labs.

The information was shared on the social media handle endorsing PUBG PC Update 5.2 update to have gone live today. The detailed patch notes can be accessed from the link here.

Let us first discuss the new additions to the game!

In the update 5.2 of the Battlegrounds, Buffy, the Spike Traps aims to stop enemies in their tracks by puncturing tyres of any vehicle. This happens on the condition that wheels are running “over the strip of spikes.” Mind you, the latest addition, Spike Traps can only puncture but not destroy the vehicle. Once the trap has been laid over the strip, it cannot be reverted.

Another enhancement being done is the introduction of PUBG Labs. It is a joint space between devs and players to exchange feedback on “new game modes, rule sets, features.” Available under the Play button in the menu, the content will carry skill-based rating.

Few more new features in gameplay include Way Point, an auto attachment, Sandbox Mode matches for PUBG Partners, exclusive items for custom matches and brand new skins, belts, shoes, unlocked crate and weapons.

Apart from new additions, PUBG PC Update 5.2 carries Vikendi update. The map has undergone a facelift with more roads and carriers added, locations adjusted. To give a real-life experience of battle, the original flat nature of the terrain has been reduced. Loots have been added to the otherwise secluded towns. Blue Zone balance has been again done on Vikendi.

Do share with us how you find the new update!

Written by Rashmi


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