PS5 Console to be launched at “acceptable” price

The year 2019 has seen news about PS4 successor trickling in at frequent intervals. In October, Sony treated its fans by officially introducing next-gen PlayStation. Sony announced its name PlayStation 5 to be coming to you in the Fall of 2020.

Sony also unveiled bare minimum details on backwards compatibility with PS4 and technical specs. But plenty was left to the imagination of fans giving way to leaks and rumours. There is no doubt that a lot many of you will be itching for more inside information.

Fans are desperately waiting for any clue on PS5 price because the decision to upgrade from PS4 to PS5 will depend upon the price. Sony has not disclosed how much the PlayStation 5 will cost, but there are hints that suggest the price to be appealing to gamers.

Hiroki Totoki, CFO PlayStation, during Sony’s quarterly financial conference call talked about the next-gen PS5. He also gave an assurance on “acceptable” PS5 price before an official announcement.

While confirming the launch of PS5 in the Holiday season 2020 , he said that it is the “most important step in developing the PlayStation platform.” Totoki-san also said, “We anticipate providing highly-engaging gameplay experiences that both current users of PS4 and potential new users have come to expect.”

He shared some good news for prospective PS5 console buyers. Totoki-san suggested an affordable price for PlayStation’s next-gen machine.

“Analyzing the cost, the acceptable price in the market, and platform penetration. Sony is very conscious of the level of profit for investors and for the marketplace.”

By “platform penetration”, Sony it seems, would like to set up a price so that it can build the device’s install base pretty early. But fans should not expect any compromise in specifications at the cost of price. PS5 price will be “acceptable” but certainly not cheap.

At the time of the PlayStation 5 announcement, a price of $399 or $499 had been predicted, with the majority voting for $499. It is speculated that PS5 in all probability should be more expensive than the launched retail price of PlayStation 4 – $399.99. Another factor in support of price tag of $499 is that PS4 will remain relevant through into 2022.

The big question now is how much ‘acceptable’ the price tag will be. Fans are waiting for the Sony’s PlayStation Meeting event to be held in February 2020 to get all the missing details of the PS5 puzzle.

A few days back, Ubisoft had reinforced that its 2020 pipeline of games including Watch Dogs Legion and Rainbow Six Quarantine, will be on Playstation5 and Project Scarlett. Apart from these titles, it was planning to introduce two unannounced new games.

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