Presale Fever! Is HUH Token the new Avalanche?


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Avax token from Avalanche has performed particularly well this month, propelled by development deals and widespread optimism about the network’s decentralised financial possibilities. It is now competing with Dogecoin for a spot among the top ten most valuable cryptocurrencies in the world.

But there is a new contender about to enter the ring that could blow Avalanche off the panicle. HUH Token has seen a landslide of presale purchases, so much so that their payment systems briefly crashed. With their presale about to end and their launch imminent, HUH Token is looking to become one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the world.

Avax has gained over 100% in November, increasing its total market value to roughly $29.8 billion, while Dogecoin has lost over 11% last month, lowering its total market capitalisation to around $29.5 billion, according to Coinmarketcap.

Last year, Avax was published as part of Avalanche’s ambition to enhance the blockchain’s DeFi capabilities, such as smart contracts and other applications, in order to compete with the larger Ethereum network.

Over the last week, Avalanche has gained over 37%, while the other top 10 cryptocurrencies have fallen. AVAX’s ascension to the top was aided by collaboration with Deloitte, one of the “Big Four” accounting companies and the world’s largest professional services network.

Ava Labs, the company behind Avalanche, announced a partnership with Deloitte last Tuesday to help speed reimbursement applications for natural catastrophe victims.

The new platform, according to Ava Labs, gives state and local governments a decentralised, low-cost, and fully irreversible system that empowers grant donors and aid recipients while harnessing blockchain’s transparency to cut down on fraud, waste, and abuse.

Because of factors such as the strengthening dollar, additional evidence of China’s crackdown on the industry, and the possibility of increased taxes on cryptocurrencies as a result of the new US infrastructure bill, most major digital coins have lost traction this month.

One of the most crucial lessons learned from Avax’s recent success is the significance of jumping onto these changes as soon as possible. An investor who put $1000 into Avax when it originally started would have made over $260,000. With its launch on December 6, HUH Token could be a great way for holders to get in on the ground floor of potentially the next top 10 cryptocurrencies in the world.

HUH Token will be available on both PancakeSwap and Uniswap and the token’s designers have declared $1 million in liquidity will be locked in for two years, in an attempt to make the token more reliable and more desirable.

A referral scheme is also being launched by HUH Token. Holders can use a unique code to refer others and earn a 10% commission on the new holder’s initial deposit.

HUH Token is also set to release its widely anticipated white paper this week, outlining its ambitious plans for crypto domination.

The owners of HUH Token appear adamant about emulating the incredible success of Dogecoin and Avalanche, with now being the best time to join the basecamp of the HUH Nation’s ascent to the summit.

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