Poco launches its own website after being declared an Independent Company

poco official website

Poco has finally become an independent phone manufacturer, in India at least. Manu Kumar Jain, head of Xiaomi India, announced the separation of Poco from Xiaomi a few days back.

In a recent tweet, Poco posted a letter thanking its fan for having its back. The letter mentioned how the small team behind Poco had a vision and how they tried to cater to the demands of their audience. In the letter, Poco told how they always try to get ahead of the curve, whether it is using 960 FPS slo-mo when the market is using 240 FPS slo-mo or how they rolled out Android 9 upgrade before anyone else did.

The letter also talked about how the small team behind Poco F1 achieved success. In the end, the letter mentioned that the team is working towards something significant and how they are facing challenges and trying to overcome the obstacles. The letter also hinted at the arrival of a new Phone from Poco, hopefully, the Poco F2. 

Now, as Poco has become a separate entity, it has launched its new website in India. As we mentioned earlier, Poco will still be working with Xiaomi, as evident from the Mi logo used by the website. A similar arrangement already between Realme and Oppo. Right now, the site is a bare minimum and has only a single page with a couple of tabs. Most of the site is dedicated to the popular Poco F1, and we expect that more details are on the way. 

As of now, there is no option to buy Poco F1 on the official website or the Xiaomi website. However, the phone is still available on Amazon. 

Written by Parth Singh

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