Poco F1 Widevine L1 support still not working for Netflix- Here is the reason

Poco F1 widevine L1 support NetflixPoco F1 was launched last year with flagship-level specifications but budget-friendly price tag. Due to its pocket-friendly price, it became an instant hit throughout the world. In India, Poco F1 was very well received and it is still selling in good numbers after so many months of its launch. The one issue that has plagued Poco F1 right from its launch is its lack of Widevine L1 support. This was first pointed out by Lew on his Youtube Channel Unbox Therapy.

Widevine L1 support is required to stream content such as videos and movies from platforms like Netflix and PrimeVideo in high definition. If your device doesn’t have Widevine L1 certification, then it won’t be able to stream movies in 720p and 1080p resolution. The max it can do is stream movies in 480p resolution which is a big deal for most of us.

Receiving criticism from everyone, Poco went all out and completed all the formalities for getting Widevine L1 certification. And everyone lived happily ever after. End of story! Wait wait! Not so simple. Even after getting Widevine L1 support, Poco F1 users are still not able to stream HD videos from Netflix. What? Why? But you just said if they get Widevine L1 support then everything will be fine. Yeah well, not so simple!

Why Netflix still not works in HD on Poco F1

Alvin Tse, who is global head of PocoPhone, responded to a user who asked him why he is still not able to watch Netflix videos in HD on his Poco F1:

So basically, Netflix has issues with devices which received certification after getting launched in the market. Poco F1 was not Widevine L1 certified at the time of its launch and received the certification a few months later after getting launched. Netflix is very stiff with their policies and hence haven’t yet agreed to add Poco F1 to their list of supported smartphones for HD streaming. That is why Poco F1 users are still stuck with watching videos at 480p resolution instead of full high definition even after having the certification. We will keep this page updated in case any new story unfolds on this matter. Make sure you are subscribed to us on our social channels.

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