Confirmed: PocoPhone F1 will get MIUI 11 update

Yesterday, Xiaomi launched the next version of their custom Android skin known as MIUI 11. We previously covered the new features which made their way to MIUI 11. Along with the launch, Xiaomi shared a list of devices which will be rocking the latest version of MIUI in the near future.

Poco Series

The list included all the devices launched within the last year and some older devices as well. But people were quick enough to notice that the list, which comprised of 40+ devices, did not include the PocoPhone F1 (known as Poco F1 in India).

Every PocoPhone F1 owner had only one thing on their mind. Will the PocoPhone F1 get MIUI 11? Soon enough, Alvin Tse, who is the Head of PocoPhone Global, reached out to concerned users to clarify their doubt. According to him, since the PocoPhone F1 wasn’t sold in China, it was excluded from the list of devices listed yesterday.

Alvin Tse also confirmed that the PocoPhone F1 will be getting MIUI in the near future when the Global rollout will happen. According to the company, MIUI 11 will start rolling out to a huge number of devices from mid-October.

Xiaomi also confirmed that the global rollout will “will be a bit behind but not too far”. If you are interested in more such news, stay tuned to PhonesWiki!

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