Pixel 4 features Apple-like Face ID and awesome hands-free gestures- Check video

Google Pixel 4

Now that we know how the backside of the upcoming Pixel 4 will look like, its time we focus on what new features the new Pixel has to offer. Google has uploaded a video on youtube showcasing the capabilities of the all-new pixel.

The video titled “(Don’t) hold the phone: new features coming to Pixel 4”, Google shows us how their gesture-based controls work. Google’s Project Soli allows users to use gestures just like we do on the screen but instead of touching the screen, the radar-based technology allows us to perform those gestures in the air.

As fascinating as it may sound, the only thing the Mountain View tech giant shows is a person changing music tracks. It is still unclear how these gestures can be used for other things. Samsung phones have a similar feature called Air Gestures which allow you to perform some predefined actions if your hand is close enough to the phone.


However, Air Gestures only work when your hand is 7cm or closer to the phone and does not work at all if one is wearing gloves or dark-colored clothes. Since the feature is software-based and your hands are literally near the screen, it is pretty much useless and inaccurate. Pixel 4, however, uses special hardware designed specifically to detect gestures allowing users to use them from a considerable distance.

In a separate blog post, Google confirmed that the front of the phone will feature a bezel to allow Project Soli’s set of sensors. Also, there will be only one front camera.

They also said that Pixel 4 will feature infrared sensors and a dot projector, closing the gap between Apple’s Face ID and Android’s software-based unreliable face unlock. The best thing about this? The infrared sensors won’t be searching for a face all the time but instead will be activated when required thanks to the set of Project Soli sensors. Google says face unlock will work even if you are holding the phone upside down.

One of the major concerns the user has when using Face Unlock on any device is privacy. However, Google has clearly stated that the data processed face unlock sensors will be never uploaded or made available to any other Google service. Instead, the data will be stored on the security chip called the Titan M which is built right into the phone.

The new Face Unlock feature will also allow you to log in to apps and payment gateways in case you want your phone to automatically sign in instead of using text-based passwords.

We are pretty excited on what other features Google has to offer in the next generation of Pixel. The integration of Project Soli with smartphones might completely redefine the way we interact with our devices, so keep an eye out

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