Video: OPPO’s in-display Selfie Camera in action

A lot of experimentation has been done by smartphone OEMs to provide a bezel-less experience to users and achieve the highest possible screen-to-body ratio in the devices. They have come up with several display notches in that regard until now to make a perfect fit for the selfie camera, sensors, and speakers. A few months back at the MWC Shanghai in July Chinese OEM OPPO made an attempt in the same space by revealing an innovative under-screen display selfie camera that is to be featured in one of their future models.

In order to hide the selfie camera, OPPO revealed that they are putting a transparent display material at the top with a redesigned pixel so that light can transmit to the camera. The company stated that they are using a larger sensor and wider aperture lens than other selfie cameras to make the camera capable enough to capture clear images without compromising the display panel quality.

When OPPO revealed its under-screen display camera design, their video demonstration showed little how the camera would work. We have recently come across a new video posted by a user on Twitter that shows a clear demonstration of how the under-screen selfie camera would work for capturing images. The user also shared screenshots of the camera portion where the camera can be seen from certain angles. In reply to the user’s tweet, some have noticed a compromise in pixel density in the area surrounding the camera.

There is no news yet when OPPO will offer a smartphone with an under-screen selfie camera. The presence of a screen in front of a camera does compromise the image quality, which has been acknowledged by OPPO as well. We do not know how OPPO will cope with that limitation.

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