OnePlus Introduces Optimized Charging Feature to prevent overnight charging

In our busy life, we forget to recharge our phones when we need it and then ultimately do it before going to bed at night. However, there are some disadvantages to overnight charging. The battery gets overheated and the life of the battery gets reduced over time. Keeping these in mind, OnePlus has recently rolled out the Optimized Charging feature through the Open Beta 7 update for OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro devices.

The Optimized Charging feature takes the help of the “User sleep cycle detection” on your phone and charges the battery based on your wake-up pattern. When you plug-in the phone for charging before going to sleep, it charges the battery to 80% and then stops. The charging resumes 100 minutes before your wakeup time and completes the remaining 20%.

oneplus optimized charging
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Currently, the feature is depending on the morning wake-up alarms to determine the charging resume time. Over time, a lot of flexibility will be introduced by OnePlus in determining the same. Factors such as weekend sleeping patterns and time zone changes due to traveling will be incorporated to make the feature much more holistic.

Users need to activate the Optimized Charging feature from the Battery menu in the Settings. After activating the feature, the battery icon will change with a muted notification to let you know that the feature is working. If at any point of time, you would like to manually recharge the battery you just need to tap on “Continue Charging”. The feature will soon be rolled out to other OnePlus phones as well.

OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro devices received a new SMS app after the open beta 8 update at the beginning of this month. The new SMS app shows non-personal messages in categories such as OTP, Transactional, and Promotional. As per the update received in October 2019, the Chinese OEM is working on to split messages into 39 categories under the app.

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