OnePlus Nord Documentary Series Kicks Off On IGTV


OnePlus is working on a budget based device, which is likely to launch in July. With this phone, the team is working tirelessly to get it ready, as this is a short term project. OnePlus does not want to spend a lot, to cut the prices, and hence new marketing strategies to make people know. As many might not know, marketing is a field which makes people know about a product, and a large sum of money is to be invested. Read until the end to know everything we know about the OnePlus Nord.

Instagram is the main, and probably the only source of marketing this phone. They started with a private account and proliferated it. More details about the account can be accessed here.

With @OnePlusLiteZThing going public with a ‘new beginning’, it is a bummer to everyone as we expected a launch event. Still, it essentially is a documentary of how OnePlus is dealing with the device.

The documentary has clips of the team responsible for delivering the phone. They are highlighting how hard they work – going four days without sleep, for instance. This is a fast-paced project, and the risk is high. Moreover, they made a concept phone (dummy) in just five days! Apple usually takes four to six weeks to do the same. Thus, the intensity is high. Given below is the link to the documentary.

Will it be called OnePlus Nord?

Now that we have an official long video of upcoming OnePlus budget device, there are some easter eggs in it too. If you observe it, you will be able to notice that Jane Feng and even some members of his team call the device as ‘OnePlus Nord’. You can also see the background; the presentation has ‘OnePlus Nord’ as the title.

NORD in the TV Screen

Now, this contradicts the fact that Amazon poll for naming the device didn’t have Nord as an option. OnePlus had put a survey on Amazon, that asked, out of OnePlus Z and OnePlus Lite, which one is better. Even the account is named OnePlus Lite Z, which is quite confusing at this moment. OnePlus Nord can be name that we are looking for.

Another hint to call the new Budget OnePlus as Nord

Does OnePlus Nord be launched with a new colour option?

With the posts on Instagram, we got some clues/leaks for the upcoming phone. One of these translates to the word ‘teal’. This is also interesting, as teal, which is a blue-green colour, is the base colour of their logo. The logo is made with Teal and Black colour, which might also be the main colour option for the OnePlus Nord. 

OnePlus Teal Coloured Logo

Launch Date of the Budget OnePlus

Another one of these Instagram posts were a code, which converts to July. Now, this is most probably a hint for the launch event for our budget OnePlus device. They have started the documentary series to tell us more about their journey, which will ultimately lead us to our destination – the launch event. While the first part of this series was ten minutes long, others are expected to be similar. Once these are over with, we can expect launch date.

Price of OnePlus Nord

Price of OnePlus Nord

In the video, we can listen to them saying that the OnePlus Nord will be under the $500 price range. The exact figure is not out just yet, but, this is significantly lower than many other flagships that go over $1,100 price range. We expect a price tag of about $399, which will give competition to Apple SE 2020, and Google 3a and the Google 4a devices. For India pre-orders, Amazon link is over here which will be updated at the appropriate time.

Next Episode of OnePlus Documentary

Today, on June 30th, we got the first episode of the OnePlus Documentary. In the last ten seconds, you see ‘our journey continues, July 7th’. We will get the 2nd episode on July 7th, that too on IGTV again. The @OnePlusLiteZThing account is public now, so everyone can easily watch it now.

How excited are you for the OnePlus Nord? Do let us know in the comments section. For more such news and updates, stay tuned to We will keep you up to date with more news, so make sure to follow us!


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