OnePlus releases new remote with Netflix button- Here is how to claim new remote

A lot of questions were raised when OnePlus launched its initial TV remote, which only had a dedicated button for Amazon Prime. Is OnePlus not interested in adding the Netflix feature? Will OnePlus recall the old remotes if it launches a new one with Netflix? These were some queries which the tech-enthusiasts had in their minds. Well, OnePlus just answered all of them. The answer came in the form of a new remote that OnePlus is offering its existing and new customers. Along with the new Netflix update, OnePlus has launched its streaming dedicated remote.

oneplus tv remote netflix

Video streaming services have a mandate that smart TV companies should have a dedicated button on the remote if they want their services to be supported directly. We believe that OnePlus has released the new remote while keeping in mind the same mandate. The new remote comes in an all-black matte finish, and the volume controls have come on the front. The remote has three dedicated buttons for Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube.

Notably, OnePlus is offering this remote free of cost to all its customers. For the new customers, the remote will ship along with the OnePlus TV. As for the existing users, they will have to register on the OnePlus website and post that they will receive an invitation code. After their serial number is verified, they will have a 45-day window to redeem the code and receive their new remote from the OnePlus stores.
OnePlus recently entered the smart TV market as it launched its OnePlus TV in September this year.

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