OnePlus patents invisible cameras with a rotating cover

The future of next-gen OnePlus flagship got revealed in a patent. It has been brought to light by a design patent filed with the WIPO Global Design Database. It gives insight into the prospects of optic features of the brand’s upcoming devices.

Picture credit: IT Home

Toeing the design of the camera of OnePlus 7T, the images reveal a circular layout. But the catch is that the camera lens is hidden and can be “closed” and “opened”. In other words, it is covered with a rotating camera cover. The top four different design images depict the looks of the camera lens when in a “closed” condition.

The bottom four images show the reverse state of design when the camera cover is “opened.” The operation of the rotating camera cover is left to assumptions. It is not clear whether the camera can be opened and closed automatically or manually.

Picture credit: IT Home

Talking about the selfie camera lenses, another image shows the front view of future phones. But the selfie camera is missing here. Apart from the front and rear images, the patent also had top, side, and bottom views of the phone. But the absence of a selfie or a pop-up camera led to speculations that OnePlus might use the under-screen camera technology.

Front view of the phone – Absence of selfie camera, PC- ithome

The rotating camera technology is just in the patent filing stage and will not be ready for a couple of next-gen models. There is a word of caution here, don’t certainly expect the feature in OnePlus 8 which is due for launch in February 2020.

OnePlus had recently exhibited the “disappearing camera” feature in its Concept One. But it is different from the patented rotating camera cover. The notion of “disappearing camera” was based on dimmable glass theory.

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