OnePlus Breaks Instagram with @OnePlusLiteZThing!


OnePlus ‘the flagship killer’ company is going to launch a budget-friendly phone this year. Ironically enough, in 2020 itself, OnePlus 8 was launched, which was by far the most expensive device by the company. Being in the budget category, the company is going innovative. This time, to cut the marketing charges, the latter is trying something new. If you don’t know about @OnePlusLiteZThing, keep reading.

OnePlus Lite Z, the OnePlus Nord, and the OnePlus 8 Lite, all are possible names of this ‘secret’ device. It is because OnePlus is trying something new with marketing strategies. They are using secrets as their big guns, and all we know is that a device is coming. We don’t know its name, we don’t know its specifications, and we don’t know its design either. The company has kept everyone guessing, and by seeing the buzz, it surely seems to be working.

There is an Instagram handle @OnePlusLiteZThing, and it has about 145K followers. But unlike any other page, it is a private account. This is where things get interesting. Major tech enthusiasts, Marques Brownlee (MKBHD), for instance, follow this page. This establishes the authenticity of the account. Here, we get updates over the upcoming device, some planned leaks, and codes to break.

One of the codes to be cracked by OnePlus

And the best part is, being a private account, they get a lot of follow requests. As they are rarely approve any of them, Instagram is put on a test. With such a number of follow requests, Instagram is unable to hold any more. Thus, Instagram will remove these extra requests. Moreover, the team came forward with a post, and further added that they do not plan on making the account public yet.

OnePlus’ Post About Breaking Instagram

OnePlus Lite Z Launch Date:

The device will come to the light on 30th June. The team will do so using IGTV only. As a part of this six months plan, the hard work of this team is close to its results. The account @OnePlusLiteZThing will be made public on 30th June so that everyone can enjoy the upcoming budget-oriented device from OnePlus.

It is crazy that the account got around 150K followers in just a week. And over that, they broke Instagram with so many follow requests. To know more about OnePlus Lite Z, click here. Do you follow @OnePlusZThing? What are your views on the coming device? Do let us know in the comments section. For more such news and updates, stay tuned to


  1. They have created a poll in Amazon to name it’s device. But Nord is not mentioned
    1.Oneplus lite (no 8)
    2.Oneplus Z
    And in instagram post the code means Teal colour in RGB and other Morse code means July

    • Hi Yashvanth. Yes it is true, but the account has just recently changed their username, and the final name that they have announced is OnePlus Nord!


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