OnePlus 8 will play 30FPS videos at 120FPS by auto inserting missing frames

OnePlus always tries to achieve something that is a notch above other smartphone OEMs. Recently, OnePlus Pete Lau gave a detailed preview about the display technology that is going to feature on OnePlus 8 in 2020.

OnePlus was the company that started the craze for a higher refresh rate display. The company launched its 7T series last year with a 90Hz display. Thereafter, news started pouring in that the company is working on a 120Hz display for its upcoming launches.

oneplus 120hz video
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As per the recent post from Lau, the upcoming 120Hz refresh rate display on OnePlus 8 has many things to offer that is unprecedented in terms of many aspects. OnePlus has mentioned the technology as 120 Hz Fluid Display.

Firstly, OnePlus promises to offer a much smoother 120Hz refresh rate compared to others. The company has partnered with Samsung to produce a unique AMOLED display using the recent organic light-emitting materials that guarantee peak brightness of more than 1000 nits and longer life. The touch sensitivity of the display has been improved to such a level (achieving an industry-leading touch sampling rate of 240 Hz) that renders highly responsive touch control and accuracy compared to other refresh rate displays.

Secondly, OnePlus has incorporated the MEMC technology used in hi-tech television into its smartphone so that most of the video content can be tailored to run at 60FPS or even at 120FPS. Most of the available video contents are shot in either 24FPS or 30FPS. But MEMC technology introduces additional frames to a video file using real-time algorithmic adjustments that can help run a 24fps or 30FPS video at a smoother 60FPS or 120FPS.

oneplus 8 120hz
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Thirdly, OnePlus intends to lay stress on higher color accuracy in its display by providing support for 10-bit color that guarantees 1,024 shades of each primary color and 1.07 billion possible colors. With this, the company will achieve a color spectrum that is superior to other high-end devices existing in the market.

OnePlus has drawn the achievement in color accuracy by mentioning the parameter of “Just Noticeable Colour Difference” or JNCD. Lesser the JNCD, more the color accuracy. As per the company, the existing displays achieve a JNCD of less than 2, while high-end displays attain a JNCD of less than 1. However, with the latest technology in color display, OnePlus has attained a JNCD of 0.8 for its 120 Hz Fluid Display that is ever achieved in any display.

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