Noise earbuds get a price cut on Amazon in a Lightning Deal


noise earbuds

Noise Shots Wireless ear-buds are now available on an unbelievable price as a part of a lightning deal on Amazon. They are currently available at INR 2299 which is less than half of its original MRP of INR 4999. The noise ear-buds which come with complementary Magnetic Charging case and voice assistant Siri with a built-in mic are compatible with both Android and IOS devices. They are configured with the latest Bluetooth V5.0 and a 450mAh battery. Apart from the amazing discounted rate, the deal is worth a claim for several reasons:

  1. These Noise ear-buds are designed explicitly for gym freaks who want to add some extra energy to their work out by the promising sound quality and durability from Noise. 
  2. The deal is attracting buyers in large numbers as these awesome noise ear-buds were never before available at such a high discount rate. These air-buds refine your work out regime by giving you wire-free music with a voice command. 
  3. Whether you are sprinting or cross-training, lifting weights or doing some morning cardio, these noise ear-buds make you unleash the beast inside you while you train harder and longer. Also, they support a 15-meter range, which means that you don’t need to keep your phone in your pocket and you can leave it in your gym bag or locker. 
  4. The stylish magnetic charging case, which is first of its kind in the segment provides damage-free and quick charging. The noise ear-buds enhanced built-in mic lets you take the emergency calls during your workout, which means that you don’t need to reach for your phone if you receive a call during your workout session. 
  5. The ear-buds flaunt an exclusive IPX4 rating, which means that you don’t need to worry about them getting damaged because of sweat and water splashes. Noise pays special attention in the R&D department as the air-bud design has been refined for a more comfortable fit with an option to customize them according to your requirements as they include silicone ear tips. These ear-buds can be your music buddy while you are dancing, doing yoga or playing some sport. 
  6. As a signature feature of the Noise devices, they are equipped with dual pairing technology which enables them to pair up with two devices simultaneously. The feature can come in handy while you are watching a movie on your laptop and at the same time, your phone rings. The product is ultra-lightweight with good battery life. 

The noise ear-buds compete with their siblings in the online market, but at the current deal, the stated model is outperforming all others. There’s also a similar option from Boult, but again the latter is priced on a higher side, so buyers have already got a primary reason to go for the Noise option. 40% of the deal is claimed, with only 8 hours remaining.  Looking at the fiery response the lightening deal has received, it’s unlikely for the prices to dip any further.


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