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What is NodeJs? The Best language for cross-platform programming

JavaScript has changed the use of programming language for web development completely on the face of the earth. It is completely different than it used to be a few years ago. That’s why businesses these days hire node developers. Moreover, the things which can be achieved by JavaScript today with it running on the servers were unimaginable a few years ago or could only be performed within sandboxed environments like Java or Flash.

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NodeJS is a programming language that is open source and cross-platform. It executes JavaScript outside a web browser using a JavaScript runtime environment. Previously websites used to be static and worked in a stateless environment. Still, with the introduction of NodeJS, it has become possible to work on websites in real-time with two-way connections.

NodeJS is different from PHP and ASP as it is non-blocking, works on a single thread, is memory efficient, and uses asynchronous programming, which was the aim of the creator of NodeJS.

How is NodeJS better?

Many developers have critically acclaimed that NodeJS was not revolutionary as Flash and Java Applet was already doing it. But the truth is they were working in sandboxes and using the websites as a way of communication. They also operated on non-standard ports, and that required an extra headache of permissions.

But with NodeJS, it can be operated on standard ports like HTML, CSS, etc. it is a real-time website development tool that utilizes push technology. Also, websites are not used as a way of transport but as a means of communication. With NodeJS, both the server and the customer can start the conversation, whereas traditionally, only the customer could start the conversation.

Where can NodeJS be used?

The goal of NodeJS is to use a non-blocking paradigm that can be used to create easy, efficient, scalable applications. NodeJS loses all its advantages if it is used in scenarios that are CPU intensive. Rather it is best to be used in building lightweight, small network applications which are capable of handling high throughput.

Moreover, it helps to scale the application in the future. With traditional ways, individual connection requests would create a new thread and use up memory RAM; this led to the usage of maximum RAM very easily and instead made the process more expensive. But NodeJS runs on a single thread, so it is possible to run simultaneous connections easily.

NodeJS is popularly used in chats on websites, dashboards, data streaming, etc. the only situations where one should not use NodeJS is if one will use it in an environment of relational operations and CPU-intensive computing.


You can easily use NodeJS in real-time web development to tackle either CPU-intensive computing or blocking operations. With these out of the way, NodeJS shines as the best programming language for cross-platform programming and can be easily done. Or you can save a lot of trouble by simply outsourcing the task; visit for more information.

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