Netflix India Promo Offer: Get the first month for Rs 5 only, starting February 21

If you are the kind to spend your time binge-watching then Netflix India has come with an irresistible promo offer. Netflix is toying with the idea of an introductory promotional offer. Netflix India is offering the first-month subscription for Rs.5 only but with some conditions attached. The catch here is that it is available to select customers and on few platforms only.

A new user signing up will be eligible for a subscription charge of Rs.5 in the first month. Thereafter he will have to pay as per the subscription plan he has opted for. The offer is up for grabs from February 21.

The caveat with the Rs.5 offer is that it is not available for all the members subscribing to the OTT platform. Only those who are signing up from computers and Android phones will get a chance to avail of the promo.

The offer is independent of the plan, subscriber has opted for and this brings a sigh of relief. Be assured that you can avail of the promo if you are opting for any Rs.199 to Rs.799 plan with access to streaming services on all the 4 screens simultaneously in diverse video quality.

The test offer is not meant for existing account holders.

“This is a new marketing promotion designed to help more people discover Netflix. Depending on its success, we may roll it out more widely,” remarked Netflix spokesperson

In December last, the free trial period offer from Netflix India had come to an end. The latest Rs.5 test offer from Netflix India has substituted the one-month free trial promo. But it cannot be counted with “price test” on the latest launch plans of Rs. 199 “mobile”, Rs. 499 “basic”, Rs. 649 “standard”, or Rs. 799 “premium”.

The latest move from Netflix India is to attract the viewers from the other OTT platforms. But despite offers, Netflix subscription plans are still on a higher side if a comparison is made with the existing plan rates of streaming platforms. For instance, Amazon Prime Video is available monthly at Rs.129 bundled with the Amazon Prime subscription and Amazon Prime Music. Hotstar also has a premium monthly plan for Rs.199.

Written by Rashmi

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