Why Is Netflix Streaming Censored Version Of “Mission Impossible: Fallout” In India?


Mission Impossible is one of the most popular and successful action movie franchise in the world. Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt has become a household name for people who love the franchise for decades. Recently, the “Mission Impossible: Fallout” started streaming on Netflix in India and has invited controversies.

According to a report from Medianama, Netflix is streaming its Indian theatrical version on Netflix India. The film has censored all words related to or about Kashmir in this version. When the film was sent for certification to release in India in 2018, CBFC had cut scenes and words about Kashmir for unknown reasons.

Following scenes have been censored by Netflix in the India version of “Mission Impossible: Fallout” due to objections by the Indian government on the version of Kashmir’s borders displayed.

  • When the movie starts rolling, in a scene related to a pre-taped briefing with a discussion around fictitious smallpox outbreak in “Indian-controlled Kashmir”
  • The climax of the movie happening in Kashmir

It is not common for streaming platforms like Netflix to run a censored version on their platform. OTT platforms enjoy running uncensored content as governments have no rights of censorship. Censorship is generally limited to only theatrical films and shows airing on TV.

So, why Netflix is streaming a “Mission Impossible: Fallout” version that was censored for theatrical release? Generally, Hollywood movies are brought by streaming platforms as a worldwide streaming deal, which means it could be Paramount Pictures who decided to give CBFC censored versions to Netflix to stream in India. Netflix or Pamanout pictures have not issued any official statement as to why they have done what they did.

During the theatrical release of the movie “Mission Impossible: Fallout” in India, the Paramount Studios had opted to censor the above scenes. The censoring on the part of Netflix is unnatural because till date it has always streamed the uncensored version of all Hollywood films, even those that were censored theatrically.

For the uninitiated, Mission Impossible: Fallout is the sixth installment in Mission Impossible franchise and released in theaters in July 2018. It stars Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Henry Cavill, Vanessa Kirby, Ving Rhames, and is directed by Christopher McQuarrie.

Earlier, Netflix had censored popular historical drama Vikings in India with reasons like they needed Hindi language subtitles that were approved with only censored version. Many Indian users have complained of the show becoming a bit slow or dull due to this reason. However, no further comments have been made by Netflix about the show.

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