Leaked iPhone 12 renders might accidentally be its best looks

Credit: Concept Creator, YouTube

With the 2020 model of iPhone only 6 months away, let us check out whatever authentic information we have in the form of leaks. These rumors will continue to creep in till the date Apple officially launches iPhone 12. The speculations suggest that the 2020 model will be a stunner.

When we talk about a new launch, the first thing that crosses the mind is how the new iPhone 12 lineup will actually look like? There is one render that closely toes the idea of rumors. The renders of the iPhone 12 captured above show a rather large, narrow bezel display, covering “all-screen” of the phone. Few had hoped, Apple to move to under-the-display Face ID scanners and be done with any sort of cutouts entirely, but it doesn’t seem like that’s happening.

One of the most authentic sources, TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has confirmed that iPhone 12 series will sport a notch. But it can only be verified, if and when CAD files detailing Apple’s unreleased iPhone designs go missing from Foxconn’s factory-like every year.

The notch has been a highly controversial topic since the iPhone X dropped in 2017. In order to make room for the front camera, the earpiece, and all the Face ID sensors, Apple had to make a cutout in what would otherwise have been a perfectly rectangular, edge-to-edge display. The experience says that none of us are practically bothered by the presence of a notch.

It’s clear that notch won’t be staying for long — it is just a temporary fix until the technology evolves to the point where said sensors can either be hidden under the screen or made smaller so that they can fit tinier spaces.

For the last 3 years, Apple has stuck to the same design. With the 2020 model, it is anticipated that the iPhone will make out of the box changes in aesthetics. It is rumored that instead of sporting rounded sides, iPhone 12 series will switch to a frame with flat sides. It will match the looks of the most recent iPad Pro. Some also call this move a callback to the iPhone 4’s design language. But Kuo thinks otherwise. He says the iPhone 12 will feature an innovative design with flat metal edges somewhat similar to iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and iPhone SE.

Talking about the rear, the square-shaped camera bump is making a comeback. It’s housing even more cameras this time around, as the long-rumored ToF cameras might finally be making an entrance with the 2020 iPhones.

Display & Biometrics Specs

Allegedly, the screens’ diagonals would get pinched in the iPhone 12 series in comparison to its predecessor. iPhone 12 will have a display size similar to iPhone 11 which stood at 6.1-inch. But iPhone 12 Pro will be a tad bit smaller than iPhone 11 Pro. The screen display will be 5.4-inch vs 5.8-inch of iPhone 11 Pro. On the other hand, iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G will have a bigger screen of size 6.7-inch.

There are speculations that Apple plans to ditch LCD on its 2020 iPhones. A report in Korean media pointed out that Apple will be buying the OLED panels from Samsung and LG. Word is, Samsung will be the main supplier for the Pro models, while LG will be helping out for the 6.1-inch models only. Keeping up the pace with current standards, Apple should introduce the 120Hz ProMotion displays.

PatentlyApple spotted this patent, numbered 2020/0064952, in the USPTO database.

Now talking about Biometrics, Apple has been filing various patents for building Touch ID into iPhone displays. This implies that we can expect Touch ID blended into the display this time. The patent diagram is related to in-display pressure sensors.

Describing it as “Force or touch sensing on a mobile device using a capacitive or pressure sensing,” the underwater touch response technology will be delivered. With this, the screen will respond to touch when in water as it does normally. In simple terms, Apple’s recent iPhones and Apple Watches will be responsive even when under pool or showers.

From the leaks and news on patents coming in, it appears that iPhone 12 will crush all the competition. Apple has one more planned launch to be held in early April. It will not fall in the category of flagship phones rather be a popular one, iPhone SE 2/ iPhone 9. But be assured that coming from Apple means it’ll be a powerful device. It will have features on similar lines as the iPhone 11. The design will be inspired by the iPhone 8 and is expected to start at just $399.


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