RUMOURS: Future iPhones can Have iPad Pro’s LiDAR Sensors

Apple launched iPad Pro 2020 on 18th March and the device comes with LiDAR sensors (Light Detection and Ranging). And by LiDAR the company claims to change the AR (Augmented Reality) world completely.

iphone 12 lidar camera

AR is essentially something that connects what a human sees and what a machine sees and thus mixes the both to make scenario which contains natural environment and some desired things from the technological perspective. That is, it puts digital objects in real life conditions. It is now used in Apple iPad Pro 2020 to make AR experience better than ever.

It works by sending light waves, and receiving the same after their reflection. By measuring the time taken by waves to return, the setup, thus calculates how far the object is, how high/long it is and more. Pokèmon GO by Niantic Games is one such game that uses AR based feedback. Although, not only gaming but the company targets to make a better tomorrow for engineers as it helps them with an on-time virtual object on a specified place or measuring the length of certain objects. Also, students can be taught in depth using this tech. Also, LiDAR tech is going to be used by NASA in their upcoming Mars landing mission, so one can sense how advanced this technology is.

Now, when the technology is being admired recently, it is believed that iOS 14 has codes that indicate that upcoming iPhones might also have this sensor. Thus the devices coming later in 2020 like the iPhone SE 2 or iPhone 12 would feature the technology yet again. This is not clear whether the base model would have the LiDAR or not, yet it won’t be wrong to say that this might revolutionise the smartphone industry.

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