iOS 13 is now available to download: Here are Supported Devices and Best Features

ios 13 download

Apple has released iOS 13 after its long Beta testing by iPhone users. iOS 13 doesn’t bring any major changes over iOS 12 but there are a lot of minor changes that make it a great upgrade. You can download iOS 13 starting today on your iPhone. Apple has excluded support for iPhone 5 and 5s while all the iPhones launched with or after iPhone SE will receive the update. So iPhone 5 and 5s users are officially dropped by Apple from their support program this year. Users with iPod Touch 7th Generation will also get the update.

iOS 13 Best Features

ios 13 download

For all the new features that come with iOS 13, it weighs around 2 GB in size. Currently, you may experience slow download speed as Apple servers are getting bombarded with requests to download iOS 13 from users all over the world. If you are also getting slow download speeds, we will suggest you wait for Apple servers to clear the requests. Let’s look at what iOS 13 has to offer:

Sign in with Apple

apple sign in

iOS 13 comes with even more focus on privacy. You will now have the option to ‘Sign in with Apple‘ which protects your real email ID from being shared with the app. Apple generates a random email ID which is used to sign up instead of your real email ID.

Powerful Video Editor

iOS 13 has a powerful video editor that will be capable to satisfy most of the users. It comes with many features that were earlier limited to photo editing only. Now you can rotate, crop, trim and auto-enhance your video also.

All-new Dark Mode

iOS 13 has a beautiful Dark Mode that expands through all system apps. Dark Mode makes reading less painful to eyes as it has less brightness. Dark Mode can be activated through Control Center or set to be triggered automatically after sunset.

Music Sharing through AirPods

airpods music sharing iOS 13

You can now send whatever you are listening on your iPhone to your friends on their AirPods. The music will be synced between two AirPods instead of one so that two persons can listen simultaneously instead of having to share one set of AirPod. This allows the iPhone to simultaneously connects with two AirPods over Bluetooth.

3D Maps

ios 13 maps feature

Maps in iOS 13 come with an unparallel 3D experience which allows you to get a 360-degree view of your surroundings and get information about the places using Augmented Reality. The information from different places around you will be layered through your camera’s field of view. Google is also working on a similar feature which will be available to worldwide Android users very soon.


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