Intel launches 10th-Gen ‘Comet Lake’ processors for laptop


Intel has announced a new series of 10th Gen Core Processor and has named it “Comet Lake”. A few weeks ago, Intel announced the “Ice Lake” processors that are based on Intel’s new 10nm architecture. However, the mobile Comet Lake processors are way different from the Ice Lake chips. Though the new Comet Lake processors still use the old 14nm architecture, they are supposed to give an enhanced performance. The Comet Lake processors will supposedly replace the former Skylake-based processors in upcoming devices.

intel 10th gen processor

In their announcement, Intel said, “These processors are performance powerhouses that bring double-digit performance gains compared with the previous generation.” An official spokesperson also mentioned that the new lineup includes Intel’s first 6-core processor in the U-series. The new series of processors will offer faster CPU frequencies, speedy memory interfaces and better connectivity. Intel also claimed that the new line of processors would offer up to 16% overall performance gains. Working and multitasking experience on Microsoft Office 365 will go up by around 40%. The new Comet Lake processors will be available in three variants, i.e. Core i3, i5 and i7.

intel 10th gen processor

Ran Senderovitz, who is the Vice President of mobile platform marketing wing at the Intel client computing group, opened up about the utility of the new processor. He mentioned that the eight new 14-nanometer U-Series and Y-series are meant for productivity in thin-and-light laptops. He further said that the new processors would power both the consumer and commercial devices. For the connectivity part, the new processors will pair with Wi-Fi 6 and Thunderbolt 3. As an added feature, the laptops using these processors will have “modern sleep” modes. Also, around 60% of the laptops will be compatible with Amazon Alexa.

Intel has also mentioned that they expect the new processors to be a part of more than 90 ultraportable PCs before the upcoming season. Notably, Intel’s more advanced Ice Lake processor will also roll out during the same period.


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