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Instagram Adds Four New Features To Reduce Cyber Bullying On The App

Cyber Bullying the darker side of social media platforms and is growing day by day. Social platforms like YouTube, Facebook are continually working to curb or reduce such bullying online. Recently, Instagram introduced four new features to reduce cyberbullying on its platform, read on for details.

instagram cyber bullying

Instagram’s New Features To Reduce Cyber Bullying

Instagram has added four features, three of which are about the comments section and one about tags.

Deleting Multiple Comments

Earlier, a user could delete only one comment at a time by a long press on the comment. It was very inconvenient and time-consuming to delete harassing or bullying comments on posts. Now, Instagram lets users delete comments in bulk.

The feature has been available on Android devices recently, and now even iOS users are able to delete comments in bulk. Up to 25 comments can be deleted at the same time by clicking on three dots on a post and selecting ‘manage comments.’

Choosing Who Can Tag You And Who Cannot

Instagram users, especially public figures, and public accounts, always complained about unnecessary tags they receive. People complained that anyone could be tagged in any content, and there was no restriction on it.

Instagram has addressed this issue in the new update. The feature is located in the privacy section of your account. It provides three options to select who can tag you.

  1. Everyone – It means that everyone can tag you, just like before this feature was added.
  2. People You Follow – It means that only people you are following can tag you in their posts.
  3. No One – This means that strangers or followers or even people you know cannot tag you in posts.

Restricting Accounts From Comments

Android users can click on a comment to select it, then they need to tap on three dots on the top right corner and select ‘Block or Restrict’ option.

iOS users need to do the same but after clicking on three dots, they need to select ‘Manage Comments’ and then ‘More Options’. There a user can select profiles that they want to restrict from commenting on their post.

Highlight Only Positive Comments

Like YouTube, Instagram will soon allow you to pin a positive or best comment on top of the comments section of a post. This feature is not yet available in all devices but in the testing stage. Instagram says that the feature is coming soon for all users.

What feature do you think is useful to you among these? Do let us know in the comments section.

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