India Ranks Below Nepal and Pakistan in Mobile Broadband Speed

U.S.-based broadband speed analysis firm Ookla recently came out with the worldwide ranking of mobile and fixed-line broadband speed. It showed a very surprising output for India. In mobile broadband, India lagged behind its neighboring nations such as Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka while in fixed-line broadband the country is ahead of them.

As far as mobile broadband is concerned, the analysis revealed the average download speed of 29.5 megabits per second (MBPS) and upload speed of 11.34 MBPS. For India, the download speed came in at 11.18 Mbps and upload speed came in at 4.38 MBPS, putting it at the 128th position across the world.

india internet speed

When it comes to other Asian counterparts, Sri Lanka recorded the highest mobile broadband speed, which is 22.53 MBPS for download and 10.59 MBPS for upload putting the South Asian country at 81st position. Pakistan ranked 112th with 14.38 MBPS of download speed and 10.32 Mbps of upload speed. Nepal took the 119th position.

It is South Korea that took the number one position in the global chart of mobile broadband speed. Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index found the download speed of 95.11 Mbps and upload speed of 17.55 Mbps for the country.

india broadband ranking

The report is surprising for India when it comes to mobile internet speed. This is because India has the highest 4G network coverage (87.9%) compared to countries such as Bangladesh (58.7%) and Pakistan (58.9%) as per the data compiled for the second and the third quarter of 2019.

When it comes to fixed-line broadband speed, India grabbed the top position in South Asia and 72nd position across the world with an average download speed of 34.07 Mbps and an upload speed of 31.24 MBPS. The neighboring countries such as Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka ranked 82nd, 105th, 159th, 84th, respectively.

Singapore topped the list of fixed-line broadband speed recording an average download speed of 196.88 MBPS and upload speed of 203.31 MBPS. Notably, the average global download speed in the fixed-line segment was 69.1 MBPS and average upload speed in the same was 36.52 MBPS in September.

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