How to Become a Gaming Streamer Megastar?

Gaming Streamer

There was a time when becoming a radio or television star was a pipe dream for most people, with the world of broadcasting reserved for the privileged few who had the contacts to get to the top.

However, with the rise of online streaming platforms such as YouTube and Twitch, those days are gone. Some of the biggest stars of content creation started with nothing, only to now command millions of followers and dollar bills alike. Here are a few tips on how to make it just like they did!

Are you ready to hit the airwaves?

Get the Equipment

It’s an old cliché that’s nevertheless true – you never get something for nothing. And when it comes to streaming this is certainly the case. To do it properly you will need at least a couple of screens to manage your gameplay and live stream simultaneously. You’ll also need some sound gear like a mic so your followers can hear you properly.

You may even have to get some additional lighting, so you don’t look like you’re in a bad mood all the time.

Decide What You Want to Stream

With your streaming setup ready, you’ll have to decide which game or games you want to wow your future viewers with.

There are plenty of popular streamers you can take inspiration from, such as those who play multiplayer shooters like Fortnite or table game nuts who stream themselves playing everything from high stakes roulette to blackjack. If you decide on the latter option, it’s always wise to make the most of casino bonuses that may be available, especially if you’re still a beginner. After all, it’s good to be savvy when you start out! Keep in mind that the most successful streamers usually piggybacked the craze of a new game, so keep your eye out for new releases that could be the next big trend.

In honor of ds106 radio and thinking ahead to our session at Northern Voice 2011, this retro mic was suggested as a prop– it is pretty much a plastic piece of junk- it does record audio, with noise, and it won’t work at all streaming with Nicecast. But it does have a light on top.

Go ahead and start building your following

Will It Be Skill or Personality That Brings the Viewers In?

There tend to be two kinds of streamers: those who dominate the game of their choice and those who really don’t but talk such a good game that their fans don’t care. Depending on your personality you’ll have to decide which is the right approach for you. Of course, being able to pull both off is ideal, but isn’t as easy as it looks.

Diversify and Then Go Mainstream

Once your stream is attracting thousands of visitors it’s important to cash in as soon as you can. Online fame is perhaps even more fleeting than offline fame, meaning the more endorsements and crossover campaigns you can find time to do the better. After all, there may come a day when you no longer wish to play computer games for sixteen hours a day.


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