Issues with “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” update pushes back first Stronger United Brilliant Event

On November 7, Niantic announced about reschedule of the first Stronger United Brilliant Event Part 1. The delay appears to be due to ongoing technical issues with the 2.6.0 update specific to Android devices. The global start of the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will now be kicked off from November 12th PT and will extend till November 19th PT.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite version 2.6.0 had been rolled out on November 7. Post it, both Android and iOS device players reported problems while accessing in-game menus and unresponsive buttons on the map view.

Some enthusiasts found a temporary workaround to challenges by implementing the age-old tactic of removing the app and installing again. But it didn’t work for all. Fans are ready to wait even longer for Niantic to provide a “permanent fix” to all the major issues, though Niantic affirmed that it “may not resolve the issue for everyone.”

Map is unresponsive after updating Android or iOS app to 2.6.0: Some players have found success by deleting and reinstalling  the app; however, it may not resolve the issue for everyone. In the meantime, our team is working on a permanent fix,” issue fixed by Niantic devs.

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The confirmation came on Reddit too about the buttons being tappable on the map view now. Regarding other issues, the team is yet to respond. Niantic devs have not given a timeline of the next patch but the brand has assured that it is “working on a fix to resolve these compatibility errors.” Devs are still working on fixing of severe bugs reported including ‘device incompatible’ error message.

The month of November is all about the heroes of the last wizarding war! Lot more events are lined up. Though Part 1 has been pushed by a week, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Part 2 is on schedule. It will go live from Tuesday, November 19, 2019, and run through November 26, 2019.

In the meantime, Community Day of Harry Potter Wizards Unite has been announced. It is going live on Sunday, November 17, from 11 am to 2 pm in the local time zone. Community Day requires players to contain Calamity and “Band together with friends to take on higher level chambers for extra bonuses!” In Brilliant Event Stronger United, the focus of Calamity is on the Order of the Phoenix.

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