GTA VI Expected Release Date and Leaks- All info on GTA 6 we have so far

Grand Theft Auto V was released around this time on the PS3 and Xbox 360 back in 2013. So, 6 years is long enough for the fans to grow tremendously impatient about the next instalment of the chaotic RPG series. In fact, GTA VI is running the longest waiting period (83 months) in its history, as per the data. Its waiting period surpassed the last biggest gap of 47 months between GTA V and The Ballad of Gay Tony.

GTA 6 launch date

GTA VI Release Date Expectations

In an interview with Gaming Bolt, gaming analyst Michael Pachter tried to undermine the waiting period by citing the example of the 8-year gap between Red Dead Redemption and Red Dead Redemption 2, also from the GTA-maker Rockstar Games.

As always, Rockstar remained silent about the release date of GTA VI. In a straightaway manner, the gaming publisher mentioned that we should not expect any news about the release date in this year. As a result, GTA fans and gaming reporters are looking towards 2020 for an announcement and 2021 for a possible release.

Rockstar Games also released their official Game Launcher few days ago. Rockstar will launch GTA VI on their new launcher for PC users.

GTA VI Game Leaks

Many game enthusiasts on Reddit leaked information about the upcoming GTA instalment. Some have even provided sneak peek photos of the game to tickle the fans. Let us look at some of them but do not forget that every unofficial information must be considered with a pinch of salt.

Insights from JackOLantern1982

The Reddit user revealed that the development of GTA 6 started in 2015 under the codename, Project Americas, because the game will be based on multiple nations. There will be a return of the Vice City in the game and a new city will be designed for the game based on Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro. The game will be set in the background of the 1970-80s and some popular soundtrack from the same era will be played in the game to give you the classic flavour.

PC Game Launcher

There will be a male protagonist in the game instead of a female, as the previous leaks suggested. The gamers will be able to take the role of a drug-lord, named Ricardo, and there will be a lot of run between multiple cities as a drug peddler.

JackOLantern1982 also provided some insights about certain gameplay scenarios. These include a storyline revolving around a giant prison and the presence of drastic natural calamities such as hurricanes and floods.

Other significant insights from the user revolve around gameplay style and narrative. For example, the characters will carry weapons on their own and there will be no provision for arsenal in the back pocket. Secondly, the personal vehicle of the character will operate like your inventory. You can store all the equipment and body armour in the car. If you use any one of them, they become visible. Lastly, there will be revolutionary aspects in the storyline similar to the times of Fidel Castro, where discussion on HIV and immigration situations would be a common phenomenon.

Per the user, there is no information on the release date of GTA VI as of now.

Insights from Fireden

The user revealed that GTA VI will be based on the new age Liberty City, where police force will try to nab a drug empire operating from a nightclub. The new GTA will be heavily focused on conversational themes with several twists in the plot.

On the character-building part, there will be 4 protagonists in the game – 2 of them will be drug operators and 2 of them will be police officers. The drug operators will try to build their empire (similar to SIMS) while the police officer’s side of the game will bring more action.

GTA Series Release Dates

Fireden expects GTA VI to release not before the end of 2021 or could be delayed till 2022 or 2023.

GTA 6 Leaked Photos

In total, four pictures from the upcoming GTA have been shared by two Reddit users (each posted two of them). However, non-Reddit user such as YouTuber MrBossFTW has discounted the credibility of the pictures, especially, when the accounts, from where those pictures were posted, have been deleted later on.

The first set of pictures shows a man from behind looking into the city lights and the other one showing a police car from the 1970-80s. The YouTuber mentioned that the leaked image of the police car is possibly fake. The user has alleged that the picture has been created using a 3D car model bought from a subscription website. This also means that another picture could be fake as well.

gta 6 leaked image
gta 6 leaked image

The second set of pictures shows the view of an airport runway and the first-person view of a hotel from inside a car. MrBossFTW pointed out that the airport runway image is faulty by design as it had several light poles over the runway which creates problems for planes to land. Hence, it could not be an image from the original GTA game.

The second picture showing a hazy first-person view of the hotel and the street from a car could be fake as well because it is possibly a tempered version of a real-life photo.

However, the YouTuber did not hesitate to mention that there were reliable leaks in the past which couldn’t be discarded. We have seen this happening too, where game leaks turned out to be genuine.

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