GTA IV no longer available for purchase on Steam

GTA IV can no longer available on Steam for purchase; Rockstar confirmed this news. The reason behind the game’s removal is its dependence on Games for Windows Live, which is no longer supported by Microsoft. If you have already bought the game, then there is no need to worry. However, if you were planning to buy the game from Steam, then it won’t be available for purchase even though it will still have a page on the website.

As the game uses Games for Windows Live, which is no longer supported. It means that a new game key generation is no longer feasible. A spokesperson from Rockstar gave this statement. However, he assured us that the developers are looking for an alternative means to make the game available for purchase on PC.

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As the Games for Windows Live was no longer supported, GTA IV was facing some issues for quite a while. Microsoft decided to stop supporting the service in 2013 but, Rockstar didn’t patch out the need for Games for Windows Live. Even though there were issues in the game, community support was available to help the users.

Rockstar isn’t going to be the first company affected by the shut down of this service. Earlier, Batman Arkham Games and Bioshock 2 were also dependent on Games for Windows Live, but they switched over to Steam a while back.

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Before actual confirmation from Rockstar, people were wondering why the game is being pulled off from Steam. Some people believed it could be due to the license of in-game songs, which was not renewed. A similar incident happened with GTA: Vice City in 2012. Other speculations included Rockstar’s plan to sell the game on its store as an exclusive.

Though the game is over a decade old, many people still play the game, and some people might even want to buy it. Let us hope that Rockstar finds a solution to fix this issue with GTA IV on Steam.

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