GTA 6 Recent Leaks and Rumors – Map, Story and More

Grand Theft Auto Online 6 map

There are no official notifications by Rockstar Games on their most anticipated game – GTA VI. Due to the lack of spice for the fans, many rumors and leaks are circulating all around. Here, you can read some of the most significant leaks on GTA 6, which will tell you about the Map, Location, Characters, Story, and more.

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Current Status:

Some masses claim that GTA VI is in the early stage of development, while others say that the game is already halfway through. Well, according to this anonymous leak on Reddit by an ex-employee, Rockstar Games has been working on GTA 6 since 2016-17 on a full scale. That means the game has been in a stage of targetted development for at least three years now. Interestingly, it took about two years to complete GTA V. So, the GTA 6can be expected to be almost complete.

We posted an update earlier that GTA VI can be delayed due to Coronavirus. Yes, this is true, as a majority of the Rockstar Games’ employees are in self-isolation. But, with Assassin’s Creed Valhalla trailer being released out of nowhere, we came to know that Ubisoft’s Devs built the game from their home. It won’t be entirely incorrect to expect something similar by Rockstar Games. Still, it is not clear if GTA 6 is currently an active project or not due to current circumstances.


GTA 6 Storyline:

The most important thing about any GTA is its story. And according to the rumors, GTA VI is not going to disappoint the fans either. GTA V was about a heist, and the GTA VI is going revolve around a drug racket. Starting in the 1980s, the storyline will drift to the present. Mori Kibbutz from GTA IV, brother of Brucie Kibbutz, is going to be back in the game. While Mori had a minor role in GTA IV, he can also be spotted in GTA V DLC Missions.

The story is variable with some choices. There will be different endings based on the selections that you make. With multiple endings, the story is going to be quite sophisticated.

GTA 6 Characters:

The changeable protagonists in GTA V was a beloved idea. People like it as they get a different person to play as, and this further makes the story longer and more exciting. GTA VI is expected to continue this trend, this time with four playable characters. Walther Wallace, Thomas Branigan, Marcus Burke, and another ‘unnamed’ character, who is an Israeli IDF personnel. Wallace is a driver, while Branigan smuggles drugs in his plane, called ‘The Raven’. Further, Marcus is a single father and also a drug dealer.

Due to Marcus’ son, there are many child characters in the game – which is something new to GTA. The story begins with you playing as Branigan and further advances to other protagonists. Again like in GTA V, all the characters will have their own set of unique abilities.

GTA 6 Map:

According to the leaks, the GTA 6 map is based in Florida and will be similar to that of GTA San Andreas. It will have four different cities – three major ones and one being smaller in size. The terrains of all these cities will be different, just as in San Andreas. Moreover, GTA 6 will have a map as big as GTA V, and Red Dead Redemption 2’s maps joined together. Thus, the biggest map in the history of any Rockstar Games titles.

Some Tweaks:

GTA has lacked in the domain of parkour as compared to other open-world games like the Watch Dogs or the Uncharted Series. With this, GTA 6 is said to have an overall improved parkour experience. Weapon function is more realistic, where you can injure people around you while firing with a rocket launcher and more. Further, the hand to hand fights are inspired by Red Dead Redemption 2.

With the rumors and leaks so far, a rough image of GTA VI can be made. With a massive map and four characters, you may expect a big storyline as well. How excited are you for GTA VI? Do let us know in the comments section. For more such news and updates, stay tuned to



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