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Google Pixel 5 Leaks- Launch Date, Cameras and More

The Pixel 5 Leaked Image

Google Pixel is the most recent flagship division series by Google. This series is appreciated due to its advanced camera software. With minimum camera hardware, these phones have brilliant shooting experience due to the GCam. While the Google Pixel 4 was not so successful due to many reasons- the front-facing Radar Sensor being one, the Pixel 5 is said to get rid of the same.


google pixel 5

The recently leaked images that we have seen so far suggest some tweaks in the back of the phone. The Google Pixel 5 will have a U – Shaped camera setup, with a camera bump as well. While in the front, things are pretty much the same. Pixel 5 will have bezels in the face, just like the Pixel 4. With Sony Xperia 1 Mk ii being another one of the few phones with bezels in 2020, we believe ‘Bezel Design’ isn’t outdated just yet.

Goodbye Motion Sensor?

But, the thing about bezels doesn’t end just here. Pixel 4 had a Radar Sensor, which was meant to help you control your phone without any touches. You could switch songs, navigate through photos, etc. by waving your hand over the phone. This was a great concept, but it turned out to be a significant failure. It didn’t work most of the time and drained great chunks of battery. Users simply turned it off because Pixel 4 already has a terrible battery backup.

Further, what made things worse is – Pixel 4 was not launched in many countries. To power that hefty sensor near the front camera, the Pixel 4 needed 60 GHz frequency. Due to safety reasons, the phone was not allowed in India, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and Mexico. All these factors added up to make a failure of Pixel 4. Now, it is allegedly being claimed that the Pixel 5 will not feature the motion sensor.

Google Pixel 5 Cameras:

Whenever one talks of the Google Pixel, the camera is the most crucial topic in that conversation. Google Pixel is known for its stunning photos and videos. According to Marques Brownlee (famous YouTuber MKBHD), Pixel’s photos stand at the 2nd place just after iPhone’s images – and might beat Apple soon. Google Pixel 5 seems to give a tough competition to the upcoming iPhone 12.

As said earlier, Google Pixel 5 will have a triple camera setup. As per the leaks from GCam, we will get a 16 MP main camera, a 16 MP telephoto camera, and the third camera will be an ultra-wide shooter. This will be the first Pixel device to have a dedicated Ultra Wide Camera. The specs look amazing on the sheet, and we know Google is good with the Camera Software as well, so there is a threat to other camera phones.

Pixel 5’s Specifications and Performance:

Now this segment will bring some shocking news to fans. Pixel 5 is an upcoming flagship device. In 2020, performance is a significant segment where manufacturers need to excel, especially with a flagship, to please the market. This requires high RAM and up to date processors. Today, RAM is going up to 12 GBs in many devices, and for the processors, Qualcomm offers Snapdragon 865 as its leading model. Samsung Galaxy S20, Xiaomi Mi 10, etc. use the same. But, here is the twist – Google Pixel 5 will not opt for Snapdragon 865.

This is a major shocker, by ditching Snapdragon 865, Google Pixel 5 can lose performance ratios. But, Google wants Pixel 5 to be more of a daily user than a performance machine. Google Pixel 5 will feature a Snapdragon 765G processor. With this, Pixel 5 will definitely lose benchmark scores, but it is a rather smart move.

Benefits of Older Chipset?

A stronger processor means more battery consumption. We know, a part of Pixel 4’s failure is its battery, so Google is easily saving that part. Further, 765G is also a strong processor. G stands for Gaming – this means it offers higher clock speeds than the base model. Moreover, it will make the phone cheaper. This processor will be accompanied by 6 to 8 GB RAM and Qualcomm X55 5G modem. Clearly, Pixel 5 will be a 5G device.

Google’s Apple-Like Approach:

Google is trying an Apple-like approach here- lesser specs but significantly higher performance. In the paper, many Android devices destroy Apple iPhone due to specs, but, because of excellent software optimization, Apple iPhones stand strong, and outpower many. Google has similar intentions. Google owns Android and thus has the home turf advantage. The tech community is hyped to see what Google has in stores.

Google Price:

Flagships are expensive. In 2019, we saw many devices go as up as $1,500. But, in 2020, there is a slight decline in the price range. iPhone 12 will be of $650 range. Google Pixel 5 will follow a similar trend – as indicated by Google itself. Google asked in a poll whether people will like a ‘Pixel device’ (Google Pixel 4a) in $300 range, or a ‘Premium Pixel Device’ (Google Pixel 5) at $699. However, we have no such details for the Pixel 5 XL. According to the previous trends, though, Pixel 5 XL must be around $850 price range.

With this, all the information about Google Pixel 5 is now summed up. Pixel 5 design, price, camera, and specs seem to be a classic Google approach, though, we need to see how the processor strategy turns out to be. Pixel 5 is said to launch on 9th June (unofficially), and if it is true, Apple iPhone 12 will get a big blow as iPhone 12 is said to release later in September. Google seems to adapt from their past mistakes, battery, for instance – and that probably might help in making Pixel 5 a success.

To get such a detailed overview of iPhone 12 leaks, go check our website, For more such news and updates, stay tuned to www.phoneswiki.com.

links – https://www.pocket-lint.com/phones/news/google/151443-google-pixel-5-xl-release-date-specs-price-news-features


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