Does Google Maps show traffic lights? No, but it will in the coming days!

Google is experimenting with showing traffic lights in Maps

Google Maps keeps on enhancing its features as per the feedback from its users. The latest feature that Google Maps is working on is the display of physical traffic lights on the streets. The feature will be of great help to the drivers while navigating or even browsing for the next location. The testing of the feasibility of traffic lights on Google Maps was first reported by Droid-Life. It was spotted by one of its readers on the Android version.

This feature is not out of the box. Apple Maps has been a step ahead of Google Maps. In the iOS 13 launched a year ago, Apple Maps had incorporated the feature of physical traffic lights and stop signages.

Source: Droid Life

From the images shared, one can clearly see Google adding lights to Google Maps in the form of miniature icons. One thing that needs to be highlighted is that this feature only shows the physical presence of light. It does not reflect their real-time status. These traffic signals have lit up the map while the user is navigating as well as browsing for any location. The miniature icons as per the reports from the user look bigger in size when the user is in navigation mode.

The feature has not been rolled out yet to everyone but few who have the latest version can spot them on their map. Google has not disclosed its plans in the coming days about releasing the Traffic icons on the map for everyone.

Google will have to be prepared to address a pertinent feature once the physical location of traffic lights has been implemented. People will demand to include the status of the traffic lights at each intersection in real-time. The inclusion of this feature would be really cool.

The lights’ feature has been spotted on Google Maps V 10.44.3. The version currently loaded on my Andoird device is 10.36.5. Chances are that you would also be not seeing the lights for now. In case you are, do share with us your experience with Traffic Lights On Google Maps!


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