Google Maps gets Apple-like Live View feature using Augmented Reality

Google Maps is undeniably the most reliable and widely used GPS application in the whole world. And Google isn’t shy of experimenting with it.

Various new features always tend to make their way into Google Maps. Finally, the Mountain View based company has uncovered what can be termed as the coolest and most helpful feature till now.

According to a blog post by Google, it wants Maps to:

“Simplify every step of your trip once you’ve touched down-from getting around a new city to reliving every moment once you’re home.”

If you own a device which supports Augmented Reality (AR) on system level, you can make use of the new AR walking directions feature. However, the feature is in beta stages right now, and Google plans to make it eventually available on all Android and iOS devices.

One should take into consideration that the feature requires “Street View” to be available in that region. That being said, the AR feature is not something new and was under work since early 2019 but was limited to only Google Pixel and Maps Local Guides users.

Just touch on your destination on the map, set navigation to “Walking” and finally on tap on “Live View”. The feature overlays directions and signs in the real world (think of it as directions in Pokemon Go). This is really helpful if you are someone like me who gets confused when using the current 2D directions and is a lifesaver when walking in an unfamiliar area.

Not only this, but Google is also rolling out a new feature called “Reservations”. This feature stores all your travel data like flight timing, hotel reservations etc. The best part? It can be used offline, meaning you can go through it anytime anywhere regardless of network connectivity.

A newly redesigned timeline is also making its way to Android right now, with iOS devices expected to get it in the upcoming weeks.

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