Google Flights guarantee to pay the difference if the price drops even after booking tickets

Are you planning your next trip and deciding where to go when Summer ends? Google has come up with a new booking service that can help you plan your next trip. Google promises to offer the best rates on flight tickets making the whole booking process more transparent.

The functionality has been cooked right into the Google Search app. There is no independent app released by Google for booking flight tickets. All you have to do is search for flights directly on Google search. For example, if you are looking to book a flight ticket from New York to Las Vegas, just search on Google for New York City to Las Vegas flights.

You should see a search result like below. Clicking on it will take you to the Flights tab on Google search. Alternatively, you can visit to book tickets directly if you are on a PC.

If Google predicts that the fare of a flight won’t drop between the period that you are looking to book your flight, and it drops, Google will refund you the difference. This will give customers more confidence while booking flight tickets.

Get an email when the price for a flight changes

You can also turn on price tracker for flights on Google itself now. Google will monitor flight fares on your behalf and if it drops to a certain amount that you are looking for, you will receive immediate notification from Google.

Google Flights also shows price history for your travel route. Price history can be viewed in a graph on the bookings page.

Google Flights is already available in many countries. You can check the link given above to see if Google Flights is available in your area. Google is going very aggressively for new customer acquisition with this strategy.

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