Google Chrome now allows sending web pages directly to mobile phone and desktop

Google has added a new small but useful functionality to its Chrome web browser. Users now have the ability to directly send web pages to from PC to Android device without having to install any third-party Google Chrome extensions. The feature was silently rolled out in the latest version of Chrome for both Android and iOS devices.

You don’t have to do any additional setup for this feature to work. The only thing required here is that you log in with the same Google account on the other device where you want the webpages to be sent.

How to send a webpage from Google Chrome to mobile

Simply click on the address bar in Google Chrome and you will notice the following icon is displayed:

google chrome send webpages

Clicking on Send this page icon will display all your devices in a list. Please note that this icon is only displayed once you activate the address bar by clicking on it.

send page google chrome

Choose the device where you want the page to be sent and you will instantly receive notification on that device. You will also see this option on right-clicking on a link or a tab in Chrome. If you don’t see any such option, make sure you are running the latest version of Google Chrome and have logged in with same Google account.

The feature also works if you want to send a webpage from your mobile device over to your desktop. Click on three dots icon and choose ‘Send to your PC’ from the share sheet menu that opens up on Android. You will need to have the latest version of Android in order to use this feature.

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