Pixel’s ‘Live Caption’ feature to hit Google Chrome in the near future

Live CAption on Pixel4

Google Pixel 4 had been launched with ‘Live Caption,’ an accessibility feature in the last quarter of 2019. It turned out to be a very powerful feature. True to its name, ‘Live Caption’ made possible to watch real-time captions for any audio playing on the device.

It didn’t require an internet connection to get started and was applicable to any audio source be it from videos, podcasts, and voice notes. Also, irrespective of the service and the alternatives opted by the content creator, the user experience was found to be amazing. The response time has been the killing factor of the feature. The reason was the real-time action happening on-device instead of the cloud making the exchange of information seamless and no issues related to user privacy.

Chrome Unboxed was the first to bring the news of code commit on the Chromium Gerrit. The trail shows that Google Chrome might soon get the ‘Live Caption’ feature. The feature, when implemented, will provide real-time captions for audio playing on the Chrome browser.

As per the committed code on Gerrit, the code is allegedly for Speech On-Device API (SODA) service, which plays a crucial role in facilitating ‘Live Caption’ on Chrome. The analysis of committed code suggests that the Live Caption feature will be coming to Chromebooks, Windows PCs, and Macbooks via the Chrome browser.

There has been no official confirmation about the timelines of making the feature live by Google. But with the devs working, it ensures that there will be rollout sometime. It is likely to be made available on Chrome Canary before a stable global rollout happens.

But be assured that the Chrome version of ‘Live Caption’ will be an enhanced version of Pixel smartphones. The ChromeOS team is planning to add advanced features to the existing one by incrementing “speech recognition scenarios they may want to build in the future.”

Video credit – @ow

As tested on Pixel devices, the real-time transcribing feature has been found exceptionally useful for people with hearing disabilities. Also, the ease of watching videos with real-time captioning in an exceptionally noisy place has been tried and tested.

If you are not looking forward to this feature then you are bound to miss the excitement. I would suggest you to catch up live action unfold on a Pixel phone. With a cool jump from smartphones to computers,’Live Caption’ makes really cool tech in action.

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