Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode coming to OnePlus phones

Among its peers, OnePlus always tries to stay ahead in the technology race. What if we tell you that your OnePlus Android smartphone can now serve as a smart display? Yes, OnePlus is set to release the Ambient Mode feature to all its recent smartphones. The mode will turn the device into a sharp makeshift display while lying idle or getting charged on your side table.

Ambient Mode is a “proactive” Google Assistant experience that is available whenever the device is being charged. You can access proactive information and suggestions on weather, agenda, entertainment, reminders, and more. The feature can also be used to turn a phone into a digital photo frame or as the interface to control smart home devices, such as lights, or music players.

The Ambient Mode feature was announced by Google back in September last year. The functionality made the need to invest in the expensive Google Nest Hub unnecessary. It made easier for Android users to access ambient mode features on their fingertips. Notably, it’s the Google Assistant that powers it and gives an edge over its competitors like Echo Show by Amazon. OnePlus announced the rollout in an official tweet.

With the current announcement, the long wait of OnePlus users appears to be diminishing. It was said earlier that the rollout would happen in phases and the two-month lag is the result of it. According to OnePlus Forum, Ambient mode is a “staged rollout, which might take up to a week to a full release.”

The minimum Android requirement for the feature is Oreo 8.0. It is also worth mentioning that the Ambient Mode will only be available for OnePlus models beginning from OnePlus 3.

To get started with the Ambient Mode feature in OxygenOS on your OnePlus smartphone, you will need to plug in your phone to charge. Begin the onboarding process by visiting the notification panel and follow the setup process as directed.

You can also opt for a manual set up by going through the Google App’s settings. Check the steps manually- Open the Google App > More > Settings > Google Assistant > Select the Assistant tab > Devices (Phone).

Once you have successfully installed the feature, you are good to use the Nest products of your choice. Google had recently rolled out its brand new suite of Nest products, among which the Nest Home speakers have gained immense popularity.

Nokia devices were the first to get Google Assistant’s Ambient Mode and later on in 2019 it found its way in select Xiaomi phones.

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