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What Are November 2019’s Free PS4 Games?

A whole bunch of free PS4 games have been added to the PlayStation Store across diverse genres and settings. Like every month, PS4 gamers will be eagerly looking forward to the November quota of free games. Few of them will have been coupled with the special PS Plus rewards but are ready for the claim before the significant November launch.

It is a good idea to peep into November’s free PS4 games before Sony makes the big announcement. Sony, as expected will unveil the latest PS Plus games for November 2019 on the last Wednesday of the month. The F2P titles will be ready for download on the first Tuesday of the month.

Now coming to what PS4 free 2 play titles will be ready for download, updated with exclusive PS Plus subscription. The so-called “PS Plus Packs” are generally feasible for those titles which don’t demand a multiplayer subscription to play.

In fact, gamers having PS Plus membership can treat it as a bonus. It will be applicable only when they are unable to exercise in the game they are playing currently. The best part is even when the subscription ends at month close, PS Plus packs will be there with you perpetually. They will not disappear with the expiry of monthly PS Plus games.

Dauntless - PS4 Free Games

F2P title, Dauntless, has been a major hit in 2019. The monster hunting game is available with two PS Plus packs and for crossplay across platforms. The pack includes Royal Steel Weapon launched lately.

The long list of exclusive Royal Steel weapon skins which you might be even familiar with include Ostian Chain Blades (Model P), Ostian Repeaters (Model P), Ostian Falchion (Model P), Ostian War Axe (Model P), Ostian War Hammer (Model P), and the Ostian War Pike (Model P).

Dauntless will gift its players with Combat Essentials Supply Bundle and 50 Ace Chips.

Genesis, the MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) title on consoles, was recently released as a free PS4 game. It grants only one free pack on the PlayStation Store. Genesis is considered to be PS4’s answer to League of Legends and other huge gaming titles that dwell on PC.

PS Plus Pack for Genesis is for cosmetic use only and receives a Decal Flag, not a gameplay advantage.

The October Free games -The Last of Remastered and MLB The Show 19 will be replaced on November 5 by the new titles to be announced by Sony.


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