Fortnite Launches The Icon Series with skins of most popular gamers

Epic Games has just announced Fortnite Icon Series. This new series is going to be nothing like anything you have seen before as gaming, music, fashion, and movie come together in the Icon Series.

According to the developers, “The icon series will bring the artistic visions, personality, and attitude of top creators to Fortnite.” We had already witnessed a similar event when Fortnite collaborated with Marshmello and Major Lazer.

The first personality to get included in the game is Ninja. Starting January 16th, 7.00 PM ET, a Fortnite player could visit the item shop in the game to get the Ninja costume, Ninja’s Edge Black Bing, Dual Katanas Pickaxe and Ninja emote. To know more about the event, watch Ninja’s stream as he uses the items in-game.

If you are wondering who Ninja is, he is a streamer who became quite popular due to his Fortnite gameplay streams. He has been with Fortnite for a long time, and it is obvious that Epic Games would honor him.

Epic Games hasn’t revealed anything regarding the cost of these items. We believe it will cost you at least some of your V-Bucks in case it doesn’t require real money.
The event won’t only feature Ninja, but in future Epic is going to bring Loserfruit, TheGrefg, and other creators who not only belong to the field of gaming but also from the music and entertainment industry.

Written by Parth Singh

I have completed my B.Tech in Computer Science. I have a keen interest in the field of technology and writing is one of my hobbies. Here I am combining my hobby with my interest by writing on topics related to technology.


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