Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 Launched

Universe of Fortnite Is Back

“Drop into a New World” of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1. Keeping everybody on tenterhooks, the black hole twirling since two days got swallowed up. Epic has finally announced the details of Fortnite Chapter 2 with the launch of a cinematic trailer.

It has been two years since players are battling out on the Fortnite’s ever-changing battle royale island. With time it has grown big and dense too. But with Chapter 2 Season 1, Epic has brought in a brand new avatar of the map. Surrounded by lesser populated locales, the new island promises more adventures. It gives the feeling of a wild island surrounded by an abundance of forests, mountains, and lakes.

Epic promises 13 new locations to explore. At first sight, Chapter 2 island appears to be a little more mountainous than the first instalment. It warrants a whole bunch of new points of interest, including Camp Cod, Power Plant and Weeping Woods. You can look forward to a lighthouse too.

Gamers who have been associated with Fortnite since the beginning can recall the early days of battle royale island. They can correlate the abundance of green in the beginning and how it transformed over the years through updates and new seasons.


If you have affinity for water then there is plenty of it. Chapter 2 introduces new gameplay features like swimming, fishing in a pond, and mucking on boats. A new set of weapons in the arsenal is a common alternative to the rocket launcher and a brand-new semi-automatic pistol.

For those who are interested in inflicting damage from a distance, there are a couple of latest shotguns and an additional sniper rifle. The option to upgrade weapons by using resources at the “upgrade bench” is also part of the deal. Epic has communicated that it has streamlined weaponry to bring balance in the game.


The map has plenty of hideouts and explosive in the form of haystacks and dumpsters. You can hide behind them to take a shot at your enemy. With flammable barrels and explosive tanks, you can easily blow up the target. These tools are helpful if you plan to get sneaky and plan to ambush opponents.


Support your squad – Another interesting feature with teamwork as a theme. New celebratory emotes like high five, carrying fallen teammate to safety and even extending healing touch with a bazooka are part of the plan.

To play up Battle Pass level, gamers need to finish challenges which take the shape of catching fish off Sweaty Sands pier. You can earn plenty of in-game medals by searching for chests and eliminating players.

For Epic developer, the new season is meant for entertainment, “less grind,” and a new XP system for the battle pass. Like its predecessor, the Battle Pass is also giftable. It offers over 100 unlockable in-game items, but in the new season, account levels have been extended up to 250.

Solo, Duo and Squad playlists have been retained from the previous season. But Trios have proceeded from Arena. It has been designed as a default option within the main game. Great for teams that can’t find a fourth.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 is live now. But it is still in “early access”. You will see a glaring yellow label in the corner of the screen.  It means that it is in beta version which will be updated with feedback until a stable version is reported.

Written by Rashmi


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