Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 1 Leaked, Hints At New Map & More

“The End” of Season 10 brought in a literal sense an end to the game on Sunday. Fortnite servers were down till now and hundreds of thousands of people were left gaping at a mysterious black hole. A record 1.6 million people tuned in to watch the event unfold on Twitch. Fortnite made its fans watch nothing on Twitch for more than 36 hours giving no clue about downtime.

While people were waiting for a definite answer on downtime, a trailer of Fortnite Season 11 Battle Pass got leaked on Youtube. Christened “Chapter 2 – Season 1”, the leaked video features a new map and latest additions to the highly popular battle royale game. The trailer also showcases the fishing skill of characters.

Trailer posted on the YouTube channel of Skin-Tracker gives a fleeting insight to “Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 1 Battle Pass” in 30 seconds. From the first look, it’s going to feature new mechanics, like fishing and steering boats on a totally new map.

Unlike previous seasons, Chapter 2 – Season 1 trailer hints at a unique way to up the level of the game. The skillset of fishing and diving will be the new abilities that gamers can look forward to.

The video also reveals new locales – a river, a power plant, a beach, and a fishing pond. The new season promises players the option of fishing in the pond, as well as offer to drive a boat, swim, and hop about on a pogo stick.

There are novel ways to level up this time. Even chopping down a tree can win you a medal which can be upgraded by defeating opponents in the match. Other options by which you can increase medal tally is aiming for a headshot or opening a treasure chest.

In the end, skins always find a mention. The trailer goes about showing off numerous unusual skins. Massive creatures made of goo donning a sticky build can be expected. The appeal factor of the season has been amplified by an overhaul on the visualisation front. This has given more of cartoon-like feels.

The game managed to rake in news, occupying the top spot on Twitch since Sunday. The unfolding of events in Fortnite leading to the asteroid shower eclipsed by the black hole has given a new dimension to storytelling. This has been the most interesting downtime ever leaving everything to the imagination of people.

Written by Rashmi

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